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September Mail Count… Who and When and Why?


September mail counts have always been confusing.  Sometimes we all count, sometimes we don’t..  So, hopefully this will help clear things up a bit in regard to September mail counts. The most important thing to know is there is ALWAYS a mail count in September.  ALWAYS….  The only question is WHO will be counting.. September mail counts are ALWAYS the ... Read More »

There is no knowledge without unity


I am seeing a lot of posts about carriers returning from their state conventions. I would love if someone would put together some highlights I can share with everyone. With the huge growth of this website and our various social networks, surely someone is willing to step up for me..  There have been several in past years that have shared ... Read More »

Facebook users start “Justice for Maxwell” page and campaign

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 3.20.35 PM

Maxwell was a Yorkshire Terrier that was allegedly killed by a letter carrier with a rock while delivering mail in Ft. Worth TX Some on facebook have started a Justice for Maxwell campaign on Facebook.   The page started on May 20th already has over 2200 likes.  They have also started a petition on that already has over 3000 signers. ... Read More »

Rural Carriers across the country taking it to Congress


Rural Carriers across the country have converged on Congress to tell them NO WAY to 5 day and a host of other issues important to rural carriers.  Below you will find a few that have been brought to my attention.  Lets all say a big thank you to them for taking the time to visit with them and let them ... Read More »

Branching Out – A new frontier for me


Some of you may have noticed I have not been quite so active on my websites and especially my social media accounts lately.  I truly hate not being able to spend the time I previously was spending, but I have added something new to my agenda. I am branching out in building websites for others.  Specifically WordPress websites.  All of ... Read More »