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Man Catches USPS Worker Throwing Package on Camera in Maryland


A Maryland man says he caught a United States postal worker on camera launching a package out of their car and onto his La Plata porch.

John (who didn’t want to use his last name) said he came home Tuesday afternoon and found the package near the edge of his front porch.  A surveillance camera aimed at his front door and driveway captured the postal worker pull into his driveway just before 11:30 a.m. and throw the package out of an already open window.

Inside the package, which he says was labeled fragile, was a computer router.

When he took the footage to the La Plata post office, John said didn’t receive much of a response. But he soon received a call requesting more information and later an apology.

via Man Catches USPS Worker Throwing Package on Camera | NBC4 Washington.


  1. What a lazy a**! It's carriers like him that give the USPS a bad name.

  2. This dosent look right to me. No signage, no beacon light and driving from the left?

  3. What a jerk! Glad he got caught!!

  4. If he don't want to do the job right, there are plenty of people that need jobs and would do it right. Crap like this makes me sick, He should be dismissed immediately,

  5. Megan Faulkner is RIGHT. This was a setup deal. STOP DOING FOX NEWS JOB!!!

  6. hpw about the video form last week, where the owners pitbull pack ate a delivery guy, how many of you use a LHD subaru? – mebbe a setup.

  7. I used to use a Subaru just like that one, but I still sat in the middle.

  8. Has this been confirmed as a mail carrier?! It's doesn't look legit…probably a neighbor that got a wrong package from ups!

  9. Thats sad!!!! He wouldnt want his package thrown!

  10. When I carried out of my van I had no signs( all fell off at some point) or beacons. I sat in the middle. But there is no proof this is USPS. It could be a customer delivering a missent box

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