Canada Post suspends USPS Registered Mail Service

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Recently, the United States Postal Service (USPS) changed the way it handles Registered Mail received from other countries. The items are now processed in the First Class mail stream once they arrive in the U.S. This change has resulted in the following:

Registered Mail (USA) items may not be scanned and a signature at delivery may not be obtained.

The number of claims for lost or undelivered Registered Mail (USA) has increased significantly.

As a result of these issues, Canada Post is suspending the Registered Mail (USA) service effective January 13, 2014. The suspension does not apply to Registered Mail sent within Canada or to International destinations.

The suspension will remain in place until Canada Post is confident that the service performance of USPS has improved enough to offer the Registered Mail (USA) service to its customers once again.

In the meantime, customers who require proof of delivery and a signature are encouraged to use the Xpresspost – USA service which is also available as a prepaid envelope.

Xpresspost – USA service is ideal for the difficult-to-replace, time-sensitive and/or confidential documents, such as passports or financial papers, which had previously been sent by Registered Mail (USA).

via Canada Post – Suspension of Registered Mail (USA) Service.

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12 Comments on "Canada Post suspends USPS Registered Mail Service"

Mike S.
January 22, 2014

This is in Canada, saying that they will not scan or get a signature for registered pieces coming from the US to Canada. Some of our no-brain trust's decision to quit requiring hand-to-hand accountability for international reds causing this. This started several years ago and I knew it would cause problems. I'm sure I missed many scans on parcels just thrown in the parcel tubs.

jim sunderland
January 15, 2014

they have not been an accountable item like register mail should be for awhile…they used to come in the register bag to the accountable cage, then HQ decided too much time was being wasted on these items…i think it started in JFK airport facility and spread from Mgmt's philosophy there and adopted by HQ…and they wonder why our international mail has problems…yes all labels must be scanned by incoming and outgoing and delivery…and lack of scan opens someone to discipline but Mgmt wanted to save hours and overtime used to have them accountable from 1st step into the country to delivery…be prepared for our Register mail to foreign soil to be not honored also…you already have issues of trying to get insurance to foreign countries….then try insuring your gift cards domestically in the mail stream….up to $15 then you have to register…at those prices we lose people…Service…no longer a part of USPS…

older not wiser
January 14, 2014

they come from Hong Kong by the plane load.

January 14, 2014

doesn't matter now they are no more

January 14, 2014

Remember all that during the count people!