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NRLCA has released the 2014 National Mail Count Information



National Mail Count 2014

In 2014, a National Mail Count will be conducted for twelve (12) working days beginning Saturday, February 22 and ending on Friday, March 7, 2014. All routes will be counted except those routes which both the regular carrier and management agree in writing not to count.  As of this date, we have not received any information from USPS on the “Opt-Out” procedures to be followed or the forms to be used for that purpose.  They will be made available here as soon as they are received.

 Below you will find the link to two documents.

The first is the 2014 NRLCA Mail Count Guide exactly as it will be published in the January edition of the National Rural Letter Carrier magazine.  Please bring this guide from the magazine with you when you attend your district mail count training as additional copies will not be available locally.  You can also print the guide from this link to the PDF file.

The second is the NRLCA Mail Count Guide Supporting Documents booklet.  The page number in brackets following the reference citation in the Mail Count Guide corresponds to the page number in the Supporting Documents Booklet.  The Supporting Documents Booklet can also be printed in whole or in part from this link.

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  1. Danette Faul

    I don’t want to count. Don’t ended the stress.

  2. Shane Mossman

    Let’s get through the holidays first please!

  3. David Backer

    Seems like in our office when it is not mandatory for you to count the routes that do count gain time but when they make everyone count you lose time.

  4. Mark Pearl

    First: union should gather all emails to and from the major mailers to see if there has been any cooperation with management.
    Second: check fed ex and ups for the same thing above
    Third: secretly put random gps in the mail and parcels to track them

  5. Leland Grant

    all the training, all the preparations are useless when management can easily delay mailings and hide mails – i am certain that this 500% increase in very large parcels won;t happen for those 3 weeks

  6. Jeremy Heater

    I’ve seen where major mailers have said that they would sue USPS if something like that happened during count Mark Pearl.

  7. I have so many new homes and businesses I wish we had a count last September! I just hope mail volume continues to stay up through February and March!

  8. Mark Pearl

    Offer rewards to employees of other companies if they turn in information that is true about the diversion or delay of mail during count

  9. Carol Klein

    enough stress right now, then to think about the coming count ….. it just never ends!

  10. Matt McMahon

    we should not even be counting…our union should just demand our real averages for the things the scanners counts and our real dps numbers for the year

  11. Stacey Johnson

    I’ll read this after Christmas. Can’t mustard the strength now

  12. Its a trap we all lose.

  13. you would think the usps would have the technology to accurately determine mail volume by now.
    our union is not on our side!!!!!!!!

  14. Come on union people….. do your job, I think we pay enough in dues that you could at least argue the fact that mail count ids senseless. They know what we get everyday all year long. It just a scan. Do something

  15. I’ve never seen this happen before but post master came around to certain rural routes showing them city route numbers where all their numbers are down tremendously and strongly recommended the rural carriers should opt out of this count. They have agreed to almost all requests to opt out of count, yet they are forcing some routes to be counted. Seems to me that they are worried the few routes they are STRONGLY recommending to not be counted might go up, whereas the few routes they are forcing to be counted, they feel are the ones that may go down.

  16. I’ve never seen this happen before – post master went around to several rural routes showing them city route numbers which were down tremendously, then STRONGLY suggested that they should opt out of this count. They have accepted almost all requests to opt out of count, yet certain routes are being forced to be counted. Seems to me that they are concerned that the routes they are suggesting to opt out may go up, whereas the routes they are forcing to be counted, they believe may go down. I was in the group they are not wanting to count but I have opted to be counted because I just went regular and took this route but believe it was under evaluated before. Just hoping I have made the right call.

  17. I heard that mail people got paid depending on how much mail they deliver, and with all the crazy weather they have to face!?!?!? Hopefully I can help my mail carriers out!!! ^_^

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