More workers report delays in mail operations in St. Louis

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The collection time of first-class mail was moved from 5 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Cape Girardeau to allow for its transportation from Cape Girardeau to St. Louis. Originating mail operations were moved to St. Louis in late July as part of Area Mail Processing.

Mail not at the plant by the mail truck’s 4 p.m. departure sits on the dock until the next morning before it is sent to St. Louis for processing, then sent back to Cape Girardeau for delivery, the employee said, instead of being processed the same night in Cape Girardeau as it was before the collection time was changed.

Any mail that arrives after the earlier pickup time still must travel to St. Louis and back to Cape Girardeau, and “it sits, and to me that’s delaying the mail,” the employee said.

The employee said just because the pickup time was moved to earlier in the day does not mean there is not a delay.

“By them changing the pickup times, to me is their justification. I personally don’t feel it is,” the employee said.

via Local News: More workers report delays in mail operations (09/15/13).

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