Western Pennsylvania District opens its sixth VPO

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Western Pennsylvania District has opened another Village Post Office (VPO) — this one is located inside Lander’s General Store in Lucinda, PA.

The store was founded by John Lander in 1896 and still bears his name in the stained glass over the entrance. The century-old building is home to one of the longest-running general stores in Pennsylvania.

Old, worn hardwood floors, Radio Flyer wagons, hardware, and penny candy are just some of the items that can be found there, says owner Randy Lander. “I like to say we have anything from bear traps to camouflaged boxer shorts,” Lander joked. “We have nuts and bolts, flowers, fresh produce — basically anything a general store should have. Now we’ve got postage stamps too.”

Lander joined Post Office Operations Manager Larry McClain, Shippenville Postmaster Patti Kaltenbach, Lander’s employee Deanna Schmader, Western Pennsylvania Retail Manager Karen Scott, and Retail Specialist Nita Riggs in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Lucinda marks the sixth VPO to open in Western Pennsylvania District.

via USPS News Link Story – Village Post Office scorecard.

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