Thursday , April 24
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Ryan budget would kill FERS supplement


The House Budget Committee’s report on Rep. Paul Ryan’s fiscal 2014 budget fills in a few more details on how it would affect federal employees. The budget, which the House passed March 21, would get rid of the Federal Employees Retirement System supplemental payment beginning in January 2014. That supplement is paid to FERS employees who retire before age 62, to replace the Social Security payment for which they are not yet eligible.

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  1. Bill DiBella via Facebook

    Instead of messing with the FERS supplement we should do away with lawmakers retirement. They can go back to work when they get voted out. Of course they probably won’t have to with all the lobby cash they stash away.

  2. Self centered Son of a B*$ches! One more step to crush the working people. They have nothing to fear and they know it!!!

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