Monday , April 21
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Postmaster General Defends Cuts In San Francisco Speech


Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe was in San Francisco Monday morning to deliver the keynote address at the National Postal Forum and outlined recent budget cuts that have led the U.S. Postal Service to reduce its workforce by 193,000 employees since 2006.

“No other organization that I can think of—either public or private—has gone through a similar downsizing so rapidly and continued to function at a high level,” Donahoe said.

However, those cuts—as well as proposals to eliminate Saturday mail service and close more post offices—were what prompted a rally outside the convention center by dozens of current and former postal workers and their supporters.

via Postmaster General Defends Cuts In San Francisco Speech « CBS San Francisco.



  1. Kurt Kreiger via Facebook

    how much ya wanna bet he retires soon after the announcement…..

  2. Patty La Chapelle via Facebook

    He is an idiot… should go back to craft!!

  3. This only cut that should happen is to cut this moron out of the post office.

  4. I bet he dsnt have anyone in his family that is a mail carrier

  5. We need to get a petition going for his removal

  6. Kevin Head via Facebook

    Why is the freaking POST MASTER GENERAL not promoting and encouraging the use of the USPS 24/7? You wanna be top boss, CEO, Big Dog, etc? EARN your paycheck by increasing growth of the business we do. Wouldn’t that make more sense?

  7. Leland Grant via Facebook

    yesterday, they had us all deliver cards to all of our businesses to tell them about switching to a po box so that Saturday mail would be available to them. i only have 19 businesses , but some have hundreds – ———————telling businesses on the cards that dropping Saturdays would really happen,and they need to get a po box so that they would be able to get mail——-, , they had exactly the number of businesses for each route – all neatly banded etc,

  8. Gail Spencer via Facebook

    the only speech he should be giving is his retirement. Want to grow the business, get rid of the PMG.

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