Thursday , April 24
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PMG appoints new officers


PMG Pat Donahoe has named Jeff Williamson as Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and Cynthia Sanchez-Hernandez as Pricing VP.

Both appointments were effective March 2, 2013.

As CHRO, Williamson reports to the PMG and is a member of the Executive Leadership Team. Currently the Pricing VP, Williamson joined the Postal Service in 2004, bringing with him private sector experience in business strategy, as well as finance and supply chain management consulting. He is a 2012 graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan Fellows Program and has earned master’s degrees in management and business administration.

Sanchez-Hernandez moved from her previous position as Pricing manager to become Pricing VP, where she reports to Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Nagisa Manabe. In 2012, Sanchez-Hernandez served as acting Finance and Planning VP. She joined the Postal Service’s financial planning group in 2009 after more than 15 years in the private sector. She has earned a master’s degree in business administration from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science degree in finance.

“Jeff and Cynthia have shown exemplary leadership skills during their years at USPS,” said Donahoe. “They have demonstrated a strong commitment to USPS during times of change, and their experience will continue to serve us well.”

via USPS News Link Story – PMG appoints new officers.



  1. Gail Spencer via Facebook

    more pigs at the trough

  2. Sally Cummings via Facebook

    just what we really needed

  3. Leland Grant via Facebook

    more drones. wonder how they “earned” these promos,- “captured the savings ” from rural craft during mail count?

  4. Leland Grant via Facebook

    boy bozo has been with us since 2004 and the bozette has been with us since 2009 – geez , private sector?more pickle factory people?

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