Wednesday , April 23
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USPS to begin Sunday package delivery


In an exclusive interview with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin, Postmaster General of the United States Patrick Donahoe talks about the future of the U.S. Postal Service—and says the organization will soon start delivering packages on Sundays.

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  1. I love how everything is on the news before the employees are told!

  2. Shane Mossman via Facebook

    Taking more work away from regular career employees and paying less for the part time workers to do Saturday and Sunday deliveries. What a bunch of crap.

  3. You will have to now miss church! I do not know how we can shut down on Sat., when they will not allow the office to close early on Christmas Eve and New Years. And they will send people in to deliver packages on the holidays that people mail late.

  4. Jami Groce via Facebook

    One in 5 city carriers will be a CCA.

  5. Eleta Ramsey via Facebook

    that was my thought exactly. This man has lost his mind…. one day he is saying he is stopping Saturday delivery and then turns around and says he is going to start Sunday delivery of packages… Just donate your pay check back to the USPS Mr. Donahoe, you are getting paid to do NOTHING.

  6. IMHO, he is doing this to help gain support from the public for a 5 day delivery!!

  7. Leland Grant via Facebook

    he is doing this to take all parcel delivery away from regular carriers, so that we can all become below 40 hour , part time help- this guy and his people need to be fired, this is what you get from the likes of Issa and Ross et al , he is the butt boy of union busting , big business asswipes

  8. Marilyn Alexander via Facebook

    You said it Mr.Grant!

  9. don’t clerks get pay differential for working Sunday? even more $ wasted to give the illusion of saving

  10. by next contract we will all be converted to one craft as delivery….with rca/cca subs…..thats where this is goin..we’ll be hourly.

  11. Tami Golder Pharr via Facebook

    That will take business from U.P.S. and Fedex!

  12. Kelly Maclaughlin via Facebook


  13. Leland Grant via Facebook

    and many will be part time,imo

  14. Leland Grant via Facebook

    I wonder how many will say they don’t want to work sundays on religious grounds?

    • Amen, it is hard enough to keep people around as it is, stating Sunday delivery is going to make it even harder then it is now to keep people.

  15. He made a comment about saving money by eliminating overtime. Cut out Saturday delivery and Monday will be swamped with MAIL and OVERTIME for the hourly workers. It already is. What happens when Monday is a holiday? Tuesday will be a killer. The rural carriers will do more work for less pay. POSTAL LOGIC!!!

  16. The U.S. Postal Service announced that it would end Saturday letter delivery beginning in August.

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