A rural carrier’s experience with the new GPS/Cell Phone Scanner

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The following is a user’s experience with the new scanner set ups..  What new scanner set up you ask?  We’ve got that one covered too.  Click here for a previous post on the new Scanner set up.

And this link is the new info which details a rural carrier’s experience with the new set up..

Click here


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32 Comments on "A rural carrier’s experience with the new GPS/Cell Phone Scanner"

August 18, 2013

The mail count we had last September, most of my parcels had to be scanned. Actually, I think I had more scans than parcels on some days because of letter-size delivery confirmations!

July 30, 2013

These GPS phones are just UPS rejects…. Not to mention they could at least integrate the two. I understand we will be getting "new" scanners, but why wast the money on these phones and the service we pay…..

July 30, 2013

Leave your scanner, gps, keys (If it's genuine rural), and dog spray (Unless you know there's a dog back there somewhere) in the vehicle. all you really need are the accountable, the pen and the 3849. take care of the rest when you get back to the llv.

July 30, 2013

Yes that is what i thought, but now they find something else to waste money on!!!

July 27, 2013

I am in a true rural area. We have limited cell phone towers and areas that don't get a signal or drop calls. How do the scanners work in this type of area?