The guide for regular rural carriers

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  1. roberta riggs mailmo

    it states above that we should be getting 20 days of annual leave and I know at least for the last two years I have only gotten 19 and I have 11 years in is there any variables that I am missing or should I be contacting someone?

  2. Leland Grant via Fac

    hate it, hate apps, hate bookmarks, fb , leave it alone, hate timeline too.———– just like Microsoft too, , when they screw around with something that works well and is easy to do, because 6 19 yr. olds with no life dream up an enhancement

  3. joel prewett, rr31 w

    i belive , if you take 13 days lwop you lose one day of leave per, every 13 days, hope this helps

  4. Nancy Garrett via Fa

    good information but it no longer applies because with or without a contract, you can no longer expect the rules to be followed or enforced

  5. PO 603 151.2 Performance Appraisal
    If the weekly time required to serve the route consistently varies more than three hours, either below or in excess of the route’s standard hours, managers should consider corrective action. Exceptions may be made for carriers 55 years of age or older, and carriers who have served continuously for 25 years or more, provided that their conduct and efficiency are satisfactory. When it is demonstrated that a carrier 55 or over cannot confine total working time to 48 hours per week or less, the route will be adjusted.

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